4 Stupendous Ways To Improve Your Stage Presence

Are you a great performer? Based on your last performance, do you think your audience was interested and engaged? Whatever the case, you can always get better. Here are four exciting ways you can improve your stage presence.

Being able to rock a stage and impress the audience is a skill that takes time to develop and needs continuous improvement to meet the fickle needs of fans. Whether you are new on the scene or a seasoned singer, and regardless of your level of talent, it is very important that you keep working on your stage craft. If you think about it, the very best singers do not only have great songs but also memorable performances.

So, are you a great performer? Based on your last performance, do you think your audience was interested and engaged? Whatever the case, you can always get better. Here are four exciting ways you can improve your stage presence.


1.    Learn To Breathe Properly

Breath control is not only important to deliver a seamless vocal performance, it is also necessary for maintaining concentration while on stage, especially if you’re anxious. Stage fright is real and can happen to both newbies and experienced performers. Learning how to control your breath can help deal with this type of anxiety. Additionally, if your vocal performances are normally accompanied by high-energy dance moves, you want to learn how to control your breathing so that you don’t get tired easily. There are various ways to learn how to control your breathing, including martial arts and various breathing exercises. 

2.    Emulate Great Performers in Your Genre

Whether you’re into Jazz, Rap, Soul, EDM or R&B, you can draw inspiration from the greatest in your genre. You may choose to attend a few concerts and watch them perform or, if they are no longer alive (Michael Jackson, for example), you could watch their performances posted on YouTube or other video websites. By watching these great performers, not

only will you be educating yourself on how they interact with crowds and generate good vibes, you will also be entertaining yourself. Who knows, you may even be giving yourself a history lesson, and knowing the history behind your music could also prove useful in enhancing your stage performance.

3.    Analyze Previous Performances

Watching yourself perform can help you to see what the audience is experiencing… how they reacted to a certain move or vocal arrangement, what parts got them jumping or resulted in total silence, how you sounded as a whole, and how energetic you were. Giving yourself a front row seat to your own stage performance can help you to see weaknesses that you need to work on, strong points that you need to drive home more firmly, and even help you develop new ideas to make your listeners feel your presence even more.

4.    Practice, Practice, Practice

Many of the greatest performers will tell you that they never missed a rehearsal. If you want to get good at performing in front of large crowds, above everything else, you should practice. It might take a lot of discipline and a determined mindset but that’s what show business is all about and the most successful performers are those who know this and make the necessary sacrifices.

There are other ways that you can improve your stage presence with, which you can explore. In addition to these tips and others that you might come across, you should also remember to utilize the full stage area when needed, forget your inhibitions before hitting the stage, and keep in mind that someone spent their hard-earned cash to come and watch you perform!

The SongCat Team

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The SongCat Team

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