5 Content Marketing Tactics Learnt By Famous People in Music

A content marketing strategy is necessary nowadays to make a mark in a world that has increasingly gone digital. Just ask Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, artists who have managed to keep millennials turned on to their music through the use of visual content.

A content marketing strategy is necessary nowadays to make a mark in a world that has increasingly gone digital. Just ask Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, artists who have managed to keep millennials turned on to their music through the use of visual content.

Thankfully, you don’t have to learn it all alone. If you know who to ask and where to look, you can draw on the knowledge of many famous songwriters, singers, composers, and engineers, who have tried different methods and succeeded.

To make it even easier for you, we have put together five content marketing tactics that famous people learned and used.

  1. Offer an Experience

The crowd within the music community makes it increasingly hard to stand out if all you are offering to the audience is your awesome lyrics. Use content marketing to create a unique experience that ‘super-fans’ and other people will be willing to pay for. A number of prominent names in the music business have used this tactic to perfection. For example, a UK band known as Iron Maiden, has run a successful fan club for decades. This fan club allows members to access exclusive products and free music, as well as three free magazines every year, just by subscribing. Fans are willing to pay to be part of such an exclusive experience.

  1. Focus on Your Image

Image may not be everything, but it does play a significant role in the success of any content marketing strategy. Whether you’re marketing your work to other artists, to publishers, or to your fans, you want to use highly graphic and even unusual images that people will remember. People tend to be visual creatures and often respond to pictures that impress upon their imaginations. If you have a website or blog, you want to not only put out content that is engaging and valuable, but also use relevant images that represent you and your music.

  1. Give Your Audience More of What it Wants

Do you know what your target audience loves most about your music? Maybe it’s a slang word you used in a song, the darkness or lightness of your lyrics, or maybe even the fact that you sport tattoos. Whatever it is, part of your content marketing strategy is to find out what your audience likes about you or your music and the rest is to deliver it. In 2013, a Swedish band, which goes by the name In Flames, decided to develop and launch a comic about its enigmatic mascot called Jester (which was apparently appealing to fans). Thousands of copies were bought by adoring fans who wanted to know the hidden story of Jester. This was boosted by the fact that five lucky readers had a chance to win lifetime access to all the band’s future concerts.

  1. Keep Putting Out Content

Although this should go without saying, there are songwriters who only have a handful of songs and expect to grow an audience. As noted by many successful songwriters, such as Ester Dean, you need to have many songs in your catalog to boost your chances of success. The more content you have under your belt, the higher your chances that at least one will get picked up by a publisher or artist.

  1. Hang Out Where Your Fans are

No good content marketing strategy is complete without including social media. Almost everyone in your target audience is hooked up to at least one social network, with Facebook and Twitter being among the most popular. Posting engaging content on these platforms will influence fans to visit other networks to listen or buy your music, such as SoundCloud, YouTube, and Spotify.

Many DIY musicians may not be using a content marketing strategy. After all, some are not even in it for the fame. However, if you want to achieve some amount of success (whatever that means to you) it will be in your best interest to find ways to get your material in front of the right people with suitable content marketing tactics.

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