5 Ways to Improve Your Vocal Strength

Want to sing, or speak, with outstanding volume and power? Well, you have to improve your vocal strength. Since, without them, it would be immensely tough for you to dominate those songs which are strong and soulful, and have challenging notes.

Want to sing, or speak, with outstanding volume and power? Well, you have to improve your vocal strength. Since, without them, it would be immensely tough for you to dominate those songs which are strong and soulful, and have challenging notes. Unfortunately, most amateurs believe that singing high notes is all about using aggressive chest voice, which is utterly incorrect. The more you’ll work on your vocal cords, the more you’ll improve your vocal strength and dominate the highest scales of songs, without any trouble.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to improve your vocal strength for speaking purposes, or singing, today we have a few exceptional ways for you that can facilitate you on a grand scale, and work on your vocal cords too… Are you ready to pull your socks up? Let’s begin:

  • Exercise Your Cords Daily

Vocal instructors work on their students’ vocal cords daily, as they perceive that they are muscles and require regular attention. Luckily, there are a few exercises which you can learn (Head voice octaves, Octave arpeggio scales, Compressed grunts…). For instance, gently blow air through lips, keep them closed, and sing vowels – A E I O U. Or, sing high-pitch songs daily for at least 20 to 40 minutes. In a week, you’ll notice a difference.

  • Stop Straining

Vocal strain is caused by overextending the vocal cords by forcing your chest voice to go higher than it should.  This act actually produces tremendous stress on your vocal folds and creates problems (vocal nodules) in the long run. Therefore, stop straining, and use relaxed and correct breathing in order to prevent any kind of strain.

  • Sleep

Don’t play around with your sleep. Musicians are known to have nocturnal lifestyles. Want to replenish your voice? Never banish it, as lack of sleep can compel you to struggle with voice. It can even damage your cords. For that reason, especially professional singers relish a great amount of rest in order to inject unbounded enthusiasm into their veins. So, it doesn’t matter whether you also have a nocturnal lifestyle or not, the right amount of sleep is the only way to replenish your voice.

  • Stay Away from Risky Foods/Drinks

There are a few drinks and foods that you should always avoid if you want to improve your vocal strength. For instance, spicy foods, dairy products, cold drinks, alcohol, caffeine, etc. can sign the death warrants of the vocal cords. They not only create a layer of mucus on the cords, but also tighten them. In addition, drinks like alcohol and caffeine can make your chords a victim of dehydration.

  • Experiment A Lot

Experiment with different types of songs, even if you aren’t a singer yet; this will strengthen your cords a lot and banish the vocal issues forever. You can also choose your favorite singer and sing his songs daily for 15-30 minutes, with the same intensity and same pitch. Don’t worry, in case it appears uncomfortable. With a tad of practice you’ll control your voice rather comfortably. But, in case you’re short of breath, join a gym.

Bonus Tip: Yoga

Yoga, when done correctly can prevent injury. Both Madonna and Sting do yoga, and they are in their 50s and 60s, and neither of them have vocal problems. Why? Yoga keeps the spine flexible, and the vocal cords run along part of the spinal cord. Therefore, while you are stretching your spine, you are also stretching your vocal cords.

Remember to take care of your vocal cords, or your voice may not sound as great in the future.

So, what are you waiting for? Just start working on these five incredible ways, on a daily basis, as they have the latent power to improve your vocal strength in just a few days.

The SongCat Team

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The SongCat Team

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