Get Inspired – Here Are The 5 Most Successful Topics For Songwriting to Start With

Throughout the world, a lot of songs have been written on various unknown topics. However, some topics have been more popular and have become the most successful ones.

Choosing a topic is the most important aspect of songwriting. [ We recommend you to read our more detailed article: ''Song Theme Ideas For The Motivated Songwriter'' ] A songwriter always has to remember the situation and audience for which and for whom he or she is writing for. Throughout the world, a lot of songs have been written on various unknown topics. However, some topics have been more popular and have become the most successful ones. Giving you an idea, the 5 most successful songwriting topics are:



The most influential and successful song topic around the globe is love. Tons of songs have been written on this topic. Let’s take the example of the famous and beautiful ballad composed and performed by Elton John ‘’Your Song’’ which has an aching melody and sentiment. Most of the musicians prefer this topic for its large acceptance and huge popularity. Love is so powerful, encompassing all ages and gender, which makes it a very popular song topic.


About the country

Everybody loves his or her own country. So, writing songs about one’s country is also seen very successful. Writing songs for their country truly fills the lyrics and tune with emotions. For instance, the fighting spirit of America is present in ‘’Born in the U.S.A’’ written by Bruce Springsteen, which is one of his best-known singles.



 Religion is another most successful topic for writing songs. A lot of songs have been written around various religions. These songs are played during religious occasions and festivals mostly. One song, which was considered controversial upon release, dealing with anti-religious themes, was ‘’God’’ from John Lennon.



Creative people tend to acquire inspiration from nature, hence making it another successful topic due to its large scale of audience. Some lyrics have also been written around natural disasters and climate change. ‘’Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)’’ was the second single from Marvin Gaye's album, What's Going On and became one of his most stirring songs of sorrow regarding the environment.



Nowadays, this topic is also becoming popular. These kinds of songs have been created for special events and tournaments. Examples are songs about the World Cup, like Shakira’s “Waka Waka (This time for Africa)”.


The success of a song frequently depends on audience acceptance. However, these 5 most successful topics incorporated in songs should already give you a heads up. As a budding songwriter, filling your songs with the right kind of melody and having it written from your heart could surely make these huge hits!

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