How To Finish What You Start: Five Salient Tips For Lyricists

One of the primary downfalls of lyric writers is ironically lack of knowledge on the point which they desire to write on, or even knowledge on interlocutory points of interest surrounding that subject.

Many times, lyricist find themselves suffering from the fallible writer’s block which not only places a damper on their ability to write lyrical content of a high-quality, but also causes them to sometimes lose hope when trying extremely hard seemingly to not getting very far. Fortunately, there are key elements necessary to writing amazing lyrics, and the realisation of this may change the drafting process in the minds of these talented individuals.




One of the primary downfalls of lyric writers is ironically lack of knowledge on the point which they desire to write on, or even knowledge on interlocutory points of interest surrounding that subject. In writing spectacular content, it is important to disseminate knowledge and challenge the perception and though process of listeners. As such, it is vital to the success of lyricists to be well versed on the subject they wish to expound on, and be able to demonstrate knowledge from various perspectives. This may be achieved through reading widely on the topic of interest and attempting to interpret it from different angles.




This point may be controversial in some music realms as numerous records being produced have no substantial meaning and end up being a “one hit wonder”. However, a true lyricist who intends to impact the lives of its listeners will ensure that the things they speak of are meaningful to the listening ears. Don’t just write on a topic that seems popular for popularity sake, seek to disseminate messages that you want people to hear and which you are avidly concerned about; speak from your passion. Meaningful words have the capacity to last a lifetime.




It is important to know exactly what you want to speak about. Try to narrow down your topic as much as possible so that your content is clear and precise, as opposed to being vague in nature. This may warrant a lot of research to stay within the boundaries of your topic, but the effort will most definitely be worth the eventual outcome. You may even inform listeners about things they don’t know on very common subjects. Find your niche and maximize on it!




You may be appalled at some of the most outrageously boring song titles that lyricists devise. The point of the title is to encourage individuals to listen to your music; boring lacklustre titles will most definitely achieve the opposite. Spend quality time thinking about what you actually want to invoke in the minds of listeners when they hear of your title and do some very deep thinking of how the lyrics and title correlate.




It is highly unlikely that the first time you write your song lyrics, they will be ready to be voiced or sold. It is important to publish the best of your craft and this may be achieved by re-writing your content multiple times; adding and subtracting areas for the purpose of delivering your best.


Last but not least, don’t lose hope and confidence in yourself, you can achieve anything you set your mind to!

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