How to Get Your Songs Heard? (Part 2)

People don’t realize that, at least half of the time, the artist that you hear singing a song was not the one who wrote it. In some cases, a group of people are responsible for the hit songs you hear on the radio.

People don’t realize that, at least half of the time, the artist that you hear singing a song was not the one who wrote it. In some cases, a group of people are responsible for the hit songs you hear on the radio. [ We recommend you to read our more detailed article: ''Tremendous Ways For Songwriters To Get Their Songs Heard'' ]

Being a skilled songwriter can open doors for you in all forms of entertainment, including TV and film. You should consider a few important things if you want to be able to get your music heard by a large number of people.

The following are three very important things you need to be doing:


Have a portfolio

If you want to start finding songwriting opportunities with people that can help you get into the mainstream music industry, you need to have something ready that people can listen to. You should develop a fairly robust songwriting portfolio. There is no room for people who say they have talent but have nothing to show for it. You are much more likely to be given an opportunity if you have something that you can show to people.

If possible, you should purchase your own domain name in order to create an official page that hosts your music, your bio, and even your blog entries. This leads us to our next recommendation.


Learn self-promotion

One of the most essential things to learn is to make the most out of Internet marketing. A lot of musicians when starting out feel like if they make their music good enough, they will get noticed. You need to start promoting your talents all over social media, and of course, this includes Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Soundcloud and Reverbnation, amongst others.

Start generating interesting and useful content that your visitors will be likely to share with others. This is the first and most important step that you need to follow in order to start seeing more followers and likes on your pages. You should also constantly post new songs that you are recording, with your audience. This is what content marketing is all about, and it works very well. You are going to have to be consistent with your efforts, and you need to make sure that you never post any content just for the sake of posting. Always ask yourself if what you plan to post is something you would enjoy or would share.

Don’t focus strictly on online music marketing. Give offline music marketing a go too. Other methods for promotion include open mic nights for example. If you happen to live in a city that offers plenty of opportunities in the music industry, this could be a great way to be spotted by someone who can offer you a shot with your songwriting. Integrate your online and offline marketing towards the same goal.


Be relentless

The music business is incredibly competitive, and there are people who are working day and night to try to reach their goals in the business. You need to be just as dedicated as they are. This will keep you in the race, but it will not guarantee you success. We are not saying this to discourage you. We say it because the only way to succeed in this business is to work very hard and make the most out of your talent as a songwriter.


Work hard, promote yourself, and network as much as possible!

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The SongCat Team

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The SongCat Team

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