Music Interest Goes Beyond Favorite Artists

"My interest in composing I think has come from dream to create similar tunes as my favorite artists and composers. My music interest goes beyond my favorite artists because I like almost every genre of music"

Matias Högnabba (guest post)

I am not gonna reveal some magic song writing tricks in my text but what I am gonna do is talk about my own song writing and share some thoughts about it. First of all I will point out that I am not a professional song writer but I have been involved in music from a very young age and I have even gone in a music college and been taught by some high skilled professionals.


My interest in composing I think has come from dream to create similar tunes as my favorite artists and composers. My music interest goes beyond my favorite artists because I like almost every genre of music, but the heavy and metal which both are quite popular in Finland where I am from neither has made me fall in love with them. To name a few favorites I would say Elton John, ABBA and Andrew Lloyd Webber and of course there many more but just to say a few. Those artist goes in the rock/pop category which in I usually write my music and it may be the easiest category for because I play drums and e-bass myself and I think for a starting composer that genre is good to start from.


For myself I am luckily not only limited into that category due my background I know some music theory and I have even played different kind of music such rock/pop but even jazz and fusion. In my opinion it is very useful to be able to play some instrument for oneself to understand better the rhythms and structures of the songs and therefore be able to make arrangements.


As I said I like many kinds of music so I like to compose different kinds too and I like a lot classical movie music from Hans Zimmer, John Williams etc. and of course from music masters Mozart and many more. So I like to make classic style pieces and maybe add some rock or pop elements there too and I can tell you that, composing for big orchestra is challenging but it may also be way to learn more about music theory and creativity because you have a lot of options to choose from but which one should I choose? As non-professional it isn`t always easy to know where to start because you haven`t got a client who you are making a song to, so sometimes it takes a few moments to come up with an idea and myself I do if ideas have run out that I sometimes pick an instrument and I try to make maybe a melody or a for example a bass line or even a drum pattern to get a background for my song. In my case it`s not so common that ideas run out because when I write I usually have an idea before I start to write which of course make it much easier to get something done.


I would like to point out that writing music isn't easy but you can make it quite easy by lowering your expectations at least at the beginning if you are new to composing. I haven`t written music for so long that I could say I have high expectations but I feel that I have learnt a lot by just doing it and exploring new possibilities and I can honestly say that I have written a few pieces which have made me proud of myself and made me think wow, is it true that I really did that.


I can't deny that it would be an honor to make songs for others and make living with music because I feel I would have something to give to people not only artists and record labels but also to the audience. In the last chapter I would like to mention about my project which I like very much is that I am writing a musical and I already written the story and now it`s time for music. The idea for writing came from two reasons and first is that I love musicals and by the way my favorite is a Webber musical Jesus Christ superstar. The second reason is that I was writing a story but then I came up that I could make it to a musical so lots of creative work but also lots of fun, and I encourage people to try new and maybe silly things because who knows maybe they can be the next mega hit. 

The SongCat Team

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