New Year’s Resolutions Reloaded: 9 Realistic Goals to Boost Your Career

Like any other career, success in music is usually spurred on by constant investment in actions to improve your skills over time. With that said, here are nine goals to set, which could help boost your career in 2017.

Like any other career, success in music is usually spurred on by constant investment in actions to improve your skills over time. With that said, here are nine goals to set, which could help boost your career in 2017.

  1. Increase Your Output

Look at your current output, how many more songs do you think you can write or record per month? Once you come up with a figure, work out how many you will need to do per day in order to reach that number and get to writing. Remember, having more songs under your belt increases your chances of getting picked up for publishing or placement.

  1. Commit More Time to Your Career

You might have a job or do other activities that take away from the amount of time you spend building your career in music. We understand – there are only so many hours in the day. But if you really think about it, you will find there are little pockets of time in each day where you’re not being productive. Once you identify these, start using them to work on your craft. For example, commit that extra half hour you spend watching TV to writing some lyrics. You could end up surprising yourself.

  1. Make More Pitches

We’ve said it before, and so have other successful songwriters; only a fraction of recorded songs ever get published or placed, let alone hit the major charts. It’s a numbers game, so you have to pitch more to increase your chances. Make a list of names for important people you want to approach, find out who will be in your area on certain dates, and make a plan on how you’ll attempt to pitch to them.

  1. Meet More People

It’s been proven over and over again that networking can help you get through a lot of doors that might have remained closed otherwise. Your goal is to meet a set number of people monthly, who have connections in the music industry. This means you will have to get out more but it will be worth it in the long run.

  1. Play More Gigs

As with the previous goal, playing more gigs, whether paid or voluntary, could help you to grow your network, especially if you’re a musician looking for a break. Seek out karaoke stages, bars, clubs, and other venues that are looking for performers and commit to attending at least once per week.

  1. Grow Your Fan Base

Whether it’s launching a website, your YouTube channel, or SoundCloud page, you should actively seek to grow your fan base by uploading quality content and interacting with current fans. If you are able to add a couple hundred fans per month, you could end up with a sizeable following by the end of the year.

  1. Define Your Music

If you are a young songwriter or musician who hasn’t yet defined your own music identity, commit to finding out what it is. Experiment with different types of music and styles to see what you’re most passionate about and also find out how those close to you feel about your talent. Forming your distinct style and identity can help you understand your true calling, as well as allow you to create more of the type of music you actually love.

  1. Learn Something New

Learning to play a new instrument or handle the business side of music could be invaluable to the future success of your career. Pick something that you don’t yet know but would like to learn and set aside a specific timeframe to learn it, whether through online courses, going to school, or tutoring.

  1. Make More Healthy Choices

Although this goal might not seem music-related, committing to healthier living can actually enhance your music by helping you to have a better mind and body. Get the recommended amount of sleep, cut down on junk food, and do some exercises weekly. You will be able to concentrate for longer, do more physically, and be more motivated to achieve the other goals on the list.

Remember that goals have to be measurable, realistic and time-based in order for you to have a chance of achieving them. Good luck!

The SongCat Team

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The SongCat Team

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