Songwriter Demo: Define Your Goal

Great importance is placed on TV and film placements. In order to score these, one has to pay attention to what is needed at the time which involves knowing what is being used and why.

Below are the main reasons for recording a professional songwriter demo:

Growth Through Artists

Just as in Hollywood and most industries, where your career will go is largely based on who you know. This is where contacts come into play. Songwriters send their demos through to established artists if they have come into contact with their management. Conversely, they have the option of sending their demos to local or upcoming artists. With the second option, growth is the likely goal of both parties. It becomes a symbiosis relationship where both parties have the same objective of being successful, but together. At the end of the day, growth in the music industry is one of the primary reasons a songwriter records a demo.

TV / Film Placements

Great importance is placed on TV and Film placements. In order to score these, one has to pay attention to what is needed at the time which involves knowing what is being used and why. When you have your song in mind, it’s good for it to fit naturally with a character or theme. Use words that everyday people can relate to. Lastly, think about the message of your songwriting demo and make sure that it is clear, concise and universally affected.

Advertisement / Commercials

One of the best ways to break into the industry is through advertising and commercials. It is not a case of dishing out demos at random, but rather building up a network of key players in the industry who will know exactly where demos should go. This requires concerted effort, research and perseverance as it takes time to build up one’s reputation. This is where networking comes in. Social media has enabled many people to connect using apps like LinkedIn and SoundCloud, just to name a few. A songwriter needs to have a clearly defined audience/market in mind and pitch to well-known people in those areas.

Pure Enjoyment

Some songwriters record demos for their friends and family or for the pure enjoyment of it. The songwriter often publish them on audio distribution platforms or video-sharing websites because they are proud of their work, enjoyed creating it and want to share it with the world. Money is an added benefit.

Clearly, as stated above, the reasons for recording a songwriter demo are many. They range from personal to monetary gain. Whatever the case, it’s an opportunity to share one’s talent and creativity with the world, with the added benefit of satisfaction and possible commercial success.

The SongCat Team

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The SongCat Team

We believe in supporting artists of all levels of their musical journey, from the 40-year music business veteran, to the burgeoning songwriter who are looking to polish their craft. We also believe that creating professional, high quality, and expertly mixed recordings shouldn’t be limited to high budget record deals.

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