Songwriter Rocc Nobles Reveals Inspirations Behind 'I Get Up'

Songs inspire. They help people get up and continue. They help people cope. So imagine what singer-songwriters draw upon to create songs from the heart. Songwriter Rocc Nobles wrote 'I Get Up' drawing from his personal experiences as a disabled veteran.

Songs inspire. They help people get up and continue. They help people cope. So imagine what singer-songwriters draw upon to create songs from the heart.

Songwriter Rocc Nobles wrote 'I Get Up' drawing from his personal experiences as a disabled veteran. The song paints a picture about the struggle it sometimes takes to get up and live everyday.

“I Get Up” has a very strong and deep message. Tell us more about what you wanted to express with the song. Do the lyrics come from your own experience or are they fictional?

I’m a Disabled Veteran and sometimes it’s hard to do the things I like and love to do with bone on bone joints, bad back, depression, PTSD and other elements. But because I’m not dead or want to be dead not saying I’ve never thought about it I get up every day no matter how hard it is and I try to accomplish something. A lot of our young people think the world or the United States owe them something. So I ask the question “What?” What does the world owe you? The answer is nothing. It is up to you to Get Up and do something every day. The Bible says faith without works is dead. It is up to you to earn the world's respect not the other way around. I’ve seen people stand around and do nothing, scared that they may do more than someone else. That is crazy to me. You need or want something but do nothing cause it may help someone else? So what! What’s so bad about helping someone? What people don’t realize in helping someone else you help yourself.  Let me share a story that I’ve only shared with my wife. One day out shopping in line to checkout a young man with his two sons was in front of me. It was a holiday and he had picked out some toys and a few food items. But for whatever reason his card was not working. I heard him on the phone with his wife and the disappointment in his voice not being able to provide for his family. So I told the clerk to call him back over and I paid for his items. Now I didn’t know him and I can tell he was shocked that I was willing to help him and wanted nothing in return. He shook my hand and looked at me in amazement. Now, I don’t know if it was because he was white and I was black but I hope it was because a person cared enough. Helping someone who may never be able to return the favor is a great feeling and I wish everyone could experience it. It will do your heart a great deal of good. 

Tell us more about how the song came together. How long did it take you to write the lyrics? Did the rhymes come easy, the story line, etc. 

Compared to other songs you've written, was this one rather easy to write or one of the more difficult ones talking about the writing process in general. “Umbrella” by Rihanna was written within less than 20 minutes, was it similar for “I Get Up” or did you tweak on it until perfection?

The song “I Get Up” came together rather easily building off personal experiences.  I got up one morning not knowing what to write and I wrote the words I Get Up and a couple hours later it was done. Song writing is a process some songs take minutes and others take years. The storyline came from my every day experiences except for I have both legs but I know people who are dealing with prosthetics every day to face the world; so to you healthy whole body humans what is your complaint. Respect what happen to having respect for our elders; our ladies and self. As the oldest I was always told I have to set the example for my brothers. And growing up I didn’t have money but I had a good name. I remember tarnishing that name one evening my Mom “great Aunt Ruby Jewel Nobles who raised me” sent me to the store to buy a gallon of milk. I bought the milk but I also stole a hot wheels car. On my way out of the parking lot the police stopped me. My heart was beating out of my chest, what have I done? We didn’t have a phone so I had to call a neighbor to let my mom know what happen. I knew I was in trouble when she got there. The police was ready to put me in her custody and drop all charges but she said “No, I don’t want a thief living in my house” and I felt worst when the police started pleading with her to take me home. I knew that day I would never steal again. She eventually took me home but it was not over for me. She made me go to all my neighbors and tell them what I did, that hurt me more than anything. I got to keep the Hot Wheels to remind me of what I’ve done. It hung over my bedroom door for me to see every time I walked in and out of my room and I had to tell the story every time a visitor inquired about the car hanging over my door humbling to say.

One line says “I hope one day our youth finds truth, and see what I see in the red, white and blue”. Do you think that today's younger generation has lost some of the magic and love people had and shared for our Country growing up?

I think a lot of our youth feel entitled and take things for granted. When I saw people desecrating the flag it hurt, it hurt deep. I understand being mad and upset at our government but that was like cursing your mother and you just don’t do that.  I feel that they should put prayer, pledge, and Christmas back into our schools. If you don’t believe in these things fine but this is what this country was founded on. If you go to other countries they have public worship if it is not what you are into ok but realize you are in the USA and we do pray, say the pledge, and Merry Christmas.

Do you think music, especially your song “I Get Up” has the power to make a change? If so, in which way?

Music definitely can change the world because music can draw people closer and music affects mood so yes music can change the world.  Now will I Get Up change the world I doubt it but I hope it plants a seed and makes people think about how they treat others and that the USA is a great nation. If that happens, what a great start. I had a talk with my friend Harold Eggers and he asked me. Did I know what God’s greatest creation was? Was it the heavens, the stars, earth what? He said humans and if God is the Master Creator then every human is a Masterpiece. No two humans are exactly the same and should be treated as masterpieces, no one more or less exquisite than the other. 

When did you first fall in love with songwriting?

I first started writing to help with my depression and PTSD. Then one day I found myself writing, waking up writing down thoughts, hearing songs in everyday talk, so now everything is a song it’s just a part of me. I try every day to get better. It’s a process and I love it.

Who in your opinion, dead or alive is the most prolific songwriter of all time?

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and get to know Will Callery who wrote Hands on the Wheel. That song has touched so many people and is still touching people.  And when I heard this song I wish I wrote it. The House that built me written by Tom Douglas and Allen Shamblin great great song.

If you could hide away and write in any corner of the globe, where would it be?

That’s a hard question cause I love country views and being able to people watch so anywhere I can do those two things I’m in. Something people need to know about me I’m a Dallas Cowboy Fan to the tenth power, I’m a country boy raised on a farm with pigs, cows, chickens, if you’ve seen it on a farm we raised it. I’m the best Bar-B-Que smoker in San Antonio TX and every year there is at least two people at my Thanksgiving table I’ve never met until that day. Currently I’m working with The Sins Country on their next EP a great

husband and wife team and Don Woods who is lighting up the new artist seen in country music with his album 90 proof.

What would be your advice to aspiring writers?

My advice to aspiring writers never give up and write about what you love or how you feel. Study your craft and learn from past writers. And understand you have a voice and believe in that voice.


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