The Biggest Misconception of the Music Industry… According to The Big Guys

The music industry has plenty of myths. Don't believe it? Well, try googling articles and interviews about the so-called mysterious world. Even people who have been in the industry for years agree. The music industry is still pretty mysterious.

The music industry has plenty of myths. Don't believe it? Well, try googling articles and interviews about the so-called mysterious world. Even people who have been in the industry for years agree. The music industry is still pretty mysterious. Yes, even with the exceptional growth of digital music in the picture.


What About The Music Industry?

The music industry is the marketplace where companies and individuals trade music after creation. While that sounds soulless, remember one thing. Musicians don't produce work for free!


Today's music industry began as early as the 1930s to the 1950s. Around that time, records rose to prominence among the general public. In the following decades, the music industry exploded. New music superstars emerged and the companies behind them amassed incredible fortunes.


Of course, until the Internet rose to prominence. Nowadays, the music industry still thrives. But, the industry's still enduring growing pains bought on by digital music's rapid growth. Digital music, funnily enough, reminds savvier people of, well, something. Actually, a question.


How much control does an artist really have over their music?


What musicians, singers and songwriters control has been a topic long discussed. Do the record companies control the music? Or do artists really have the right to do so?


People always wonder about how record labels structure recording contracts. They even think about how labels manage artist careers. Both are long standing topics of debate. Naturally, both topics fuel some of the biggest misconceptions of the music industry itself. 


What Fuels The Biggest Music Industry Misconception

Most people assume artist control fuels the music industry's biggest myths. The big guys, on the other hand, have something completely different in mind.


A Forbes interview with the Grammy Foundation CEO revealed their thoughts. According to them, artist control isn't the only factor behind the industry's biggest misconceptions. It's actually how the industry itself helps curate and distribute music.


Major labels don't lord over artist rights with an iron fist for no reason. The big labels face challenges when curating and distributing a painfully subjective art form. Add the challenges of music distribution nowadays... and you have a rather unique set of challenges big labels face.


And yes, artists do have issue with big labels controlling their works. But the big labels also share similar challenges. They're the ones handling distribution of signed artist works. And, oh yeah, don't forget the money thing, too.


Demystifying the Music Industry


While people think a lot of things about the music industry, it might not be a complicated world after all. It might not even be as mysterious as most people assume. Sure, people have spent years trying to break in the industry. But, that didn't stop them from succeeding at all. People still succeed in the music industry today. The Internet just makes it easier. So, don't blame the big record labels for stopping aspiring artists from doing so!


Shadowy music business organizations. Dark music moguls and managers. Years and years of conspiracies. Despite the so-called myths, the music industry isn't as complicated as it looks. Just look at what the professionals have to say!



"CEO of Grammy Foundation On The Biggest Misconceptions About The Music Industry"

Forbes, interview excerpt

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