Three Off-the-wall Tips for Generating New Song Lyrics

Get creative with your new song lyrics! Use these three fun tips to up your lyrical game. And don’t forget… The beauty is, because you're unique, your lyrics will be just as unique as you are. We help you find ways to search for those lyrics that only you can write, and become a better songwriter in the process.

A while ago, we posted an article, “Three Tips for Writing Creative Lyrics,” where we explored a few ways to kick-start the creative process. Based on the immense feedback, we have gone ahead and put together three more ways we think could help boost your lyric-creating genius.

Here goes:

Introduce a Different Attitude

It’s very easy to get stuck in a rut by writing the same lyrics over and over in different ways. If you find the last couple of songs reflect the same energy, such as aggressive, lovey-dovey, or reflective, maybe it’s time to introduce a new attitude. Experimenting with a theme or attitude you haven’t tried out could help you discover a new side you didn’t even know existed, as well as get fresh lyrics flowing.

Use Contrasting Themes

Your songs don’t always have to carry the same theme from start to finish. Trying to contrast the mood of the verses with the chorus, pre-chorus, or bridge, for example, can help break you out of a rut, especially if you’re stuck in the middle of creating a song. Consider Sia’s “Alive,” which has sad and reflective verses but a rather hopeful and energetic pre-chorus (“I’m still breathing…”) and chorus. Similar ideas include alternating between angry and calm, funny and serious, and light and dark.

Re-interpreting an Emotion

If you like writing about a particular emotion, you can learn new ways to express it so it doesn’t become monotonous. Yes, a good vocabulary is vital, so you probably need to start reading more, but this can also be accomplished if you have a good thesaurus on hand. You can also combine words, such as ‘mind-numbing pain’ or ‘head-spinning joy’ to emphasize their meanings. Heck, you can even create new words, as long as they make sense. An example of this is Toni Braxton’s smash “Unbreak My Heart,” where ‘unbreak’ is not an actual word but prevents the song from having a mundane title, such as “Take Away my Pain/Heartache.”

Generating new song lyrics, whether from your own experiences or by extracting details from external stimuli, can be difficult at times. However, using these and other off-the-wall methods could help you on days when you feel stuck.

The SongCat Team

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The SongCat Team

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