What You Need to Know About Photography To Become Great In Songwriting

From both chaos and beauty found in the surroundings, music and photographs capture a certain moment to which anyone can relate.

According to Pam Sheyne, a famous songwriter and producer, songwriting is like painting a picture in which you have complete liberty on how it should sound. Painting and songwriting both involve conveying nature’s beauty, as well as the emotion that comes with it.


If you think about it, a lot of photographers are musicians themselves. To name a few: Tony Sweet, who is a popular nature photographer, is a professional jazz drummer; Ansel Adams, known for his black and white photography, was a pianist; Roberto Valenzuela, who is a fine art photographer, is a classical guitarist. These names are not only well-known in the field of photography but they also have musical backgrounds.


  • Story-telling Songwriting and photography both want to convey an emotion using different mediums. Music expresses an emotion or beauty through words and melody. Photography, on the other hand, does not use words but a picture with texture and colors. Although different mediums are used, songwriting and photography entail certain creativity to be able to come up with a result that will get the emotion across.


  • Color and Experience Photography and music, no matter how different they seem to be, have colors and feel. Let us take for instance a vibrant photo of a landscape and an upbeat song. They both express a positive mood. Although you can’t hear photos, but you know its feel through colors, expressions etc. Similarly, you can’t see music but you can hear its beat, tempo, melody and lyrics.


  • Same Discipline In fact, a research conducted by the Society for Neuroscience proves that musical training positively affects the neural connections in the brain responsible for creativity and complex memory. Ansel Adams (mentioned above) stated that the discipline and practice he got from his musical trainings enable him to look at shapes, behavior and structure so well it helped him greatly in his shift to photography.


  • Archives of Experiences And Memories From both chaos and beauty found in the surroundings, music and photographs capture a certain moment to which anyone can relate. They speak the same language and can be easily understood by anyone who hears and sees them.
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