Will You Pitch My Song If You Record My Song Demo?

"Will you pitch my song if you record my song demo?" Without a doubt, this is probably is the most frequently asked question we receive. It is asked so often that we don't just put it on our FAQs, it actually deserves its own blog post. (Yes, it is that frequently asked.)

It All Starts With A Song

We get a lot of questions here at SongCat. It’s understandable, really. After all, musicians are handing over an intangible extension of themselves. When we produce, process, and perfect a track for one of our clients, we are always cognizant of the fact that we have been entrusted with their art. At SongCat, we know that answering questions thoroughly, expertly, and clearly as possible is as important to our clients as the end result.

"Will you pitch my song if you record my song demo?" 

Without a doubt, this is probably is the most frequently asked question we receive. It is asked so often that we don't just put it on our FAQs, it actually deserves its own blog post. (Yes, it is that frequently asked.) And it is most likely that you are wondering the same thing, which is what has brought you to this page.

 The short answer to the question is "No".(But don’t stop reading.)

We are a music production company and not a song plugger, music publisher, or label. We charge a fee for our production service, we guarantee a high quality production, and we deliver exactly that. Every second we spend not making music or giving outstanding customer support to our clients and future clients is a second wasted.  Ultimately, any time wasted not doing what we do best might affect the quality we deliver, and we simply refuse to compromise when it comes to our high standards. 

We are aware that many competing online music production services offer 'label deals', will act as your 'music publisher' or 'pitch your song', if you let them produce your music. Seems too good to be true, right? Well, as with most things, if it seems too good to be true, it often is.  

The majority of these companies commonly use this as a marketing trick to sign clients up for their paid production services. If those companies could really get your music into the hands of top notch artists, bands, TV and Film supervisors, they would most likely not continue to operate as an online recording studio.  Why?  If they were able to work with the type of artists they claim they do, the list of established songwriters wanting to work with them would be so long, they wouldn’t have time to work with new clients.  It would also be more likely that they wouldn’t bother with music production at all, and instead only offer  pitching music, charging upwards of $1,000 with no music production included at all. 

So you might be left asking, “Who can pitch my song?”

The answer is very simple: YOU 

If you want your songs to be heard by the right industry people, you need to connect with those industry people and build relationships. Connect online, visit conventions and workshops, there are online platforms that might be able to help finding some connections, find directories of labels and music publishers (there are paid and free versions available), sign up for tip sheets - in short: Be very active.

But, as the title suggests: It All Starts With A Song.  Not just any song.  YOUR song.  A meaningful, well constructed, and well produced, professional recording of your song. No publisher will accept just a lyrics sheet, and no artist's management will go for a rough demo and no TV show or film producer will sign anything less than radio ready music. 

We can help you create the sound you need at an affordable rate, without any empty promises of fame and fortune. You will get a professional recording - if not, we will refund your money! It's that simple.

 We help songwriters, composers and singers at any stage of their career. Our clients range from first time songwriters to long time professional musicians with credits including Garth Brooks, film and TV placements. Our clients have signed publishing deals, label deals and achieved film and TV placements, but not because we pitched music for them. We are just a music production company. But as you know...

It All Starts With A Song

Let's Produce Your Song!

The SongCat Team

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The SongCat Team

We believe in supporting artists of all levels of their musical journey, from the 40-year music business veteran, to the burgeoning songwriter who are looking to polish their craft. We also believe that creating professional, high quality, and expertly mixed recordings shouldn’t be limited to high budget record deals.

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