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Music is the ties that bind us. 

We believe that within every man, woman, and child there is music. Whether that music is expressed with a voice, an instrument, lyrics, or switching on the radio, we believe that there is music in the soul of all of us. We believe that expressing the music within is not only a gift to others, but a gift to ourselves.

At SongCat.biz, we believe in supporting artists of all levels of their musical journey, from the 40 year music business veteran, to the up and coming indie band looking to make it big, to the burgeoning songwriter who is looking to polish their craft. We also believe that creating professional, high quality, and expertly mixed recordings shouldn’t be limited to high budget record deals. We believe that by providing musicians with affordable high quality music production, we are unlocking the full expression of the music held within. 

We believe that by offering affordable professional music production, we are opening up a new level of expression and allowing access to musical venues that were previously closed off to most musicians. The financial burden of creating a quality music recording has stifled the dreams of many artists in the past, and we believe that by making professional music production financially accessible to anyone with a dream and a voice, we have the potential to change the musical landscape forever.

We believe the benefits to having your music professionally recorded are many and compelling. 

Professional recording means more than simply letting the tape roll and spitting out a demo at the end of the
day. We painstakingly tweak, enrich, and enhance your music to elevate it to the highest level.  Working with our
professionals, we will highlight your skills in a way that only professional music recording artists can. Your voice will sound clearer, your lyrics will be noticed, and your melody will be heard. 

For those looking to thrive in the music business, a professional recording will separate your art from the rest. We believe that by taking the time and effort to have your music professionally recorded, you are making a statement to deciders in the music business that you care about your craft and are serious about succeeding. 

We believe that by highlighting your skills and presenting a professional music recording, artists have a better chance at securing recording or publishing deals, being hired for other gigs, or securing work in television or other media.

Ultimately, we believe that music is the ties that bind us. We believe that every musician has a voice, and that every musician deserves to have that voice preserved and enjoyed for all time in an affordable and professional manner.

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