Talented Session Singers

Conveying Emotional Intensity

Choose the perfect voice

We have the right vocals for any project. Pop, Country, Rock, Soul, Funk and more.

Male Singers



Josiah sings with his heart and soul.
Best suitable for emotional ballads, R&B, Dance and Pop songs.



Andy is a true allrounder. Best suitable for Pop and Country,
he can also sing Rock or Folk for your songs.



Scott is our singer with edge. He can belt out songs or be gentle.
Best suitable for Country and Rock.



Pure Rock & Roll. If you're looking for a smokey Rock voice or
cool Punk sound Dusty is your guy.

Female Singers



Looking for powerful female vocals? Well, look no further!
Best suitable for Country and Pop Ballads.



If you are looking for clarity in vocals, Dani is your best bet 
(especially for soft songs and ballads in any genre).



Another allrounder vocalist. Pam can take on any project from Electro to Country to Pop and every style you can imagine.



Andrea is your choice for Electro/Dance songs
as well as soft Rock or Pop with a youthful sound.

Our session singers are active artists, regularly touring.
Do you have a special project? Get in touch for free!

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